CONGRAD Project Meeting in Belgrade

31 Jan 2013 - 3 Feb 2013

The CONGRAD Project Meeting, hosted by University of Belgrade (Serbia), covered two parallel workshops: The CONGRAD Workshop on field work and the CONGRAD Workshop on financial reporting.

The CONGRAD Workshop on field work, which was attended by 56 representatives from all CONGRAD partner institutions, addressed the CONGRAD Institutional Coordinators and nominated institutional field work staff. Both theoretical knowledge and practical skills were comprised during the two-day workshop. A keynote speech presented by Choni Flöther (INCHER-Kassel) introduced the participants to the demands for a successful field work period. Specific tasks and responsibilities during the field work period for the CONGRAD Graduate Survey were discussed in detail. At the same time in-depth practice sessions prepared the institutional field work teams for the upcoming tasks. The CONGRAD Graduate Survey will start at the end of March 2013.

The CONGRAD Workshop on financial reporting, which was attended by 16 persons, aimed at improving the financial reporting procedures established within the CONGRAD Project. Institutional administrative staff concerned with financial issues related to CONGRAD received detailed instructions for the on-going reporting process. Open questions were discussed based on institutional financial statements and supporting documents.