CONGRAD Project Meeting in Budva, Montenegro

24 Jun 2013 - 27 Jun 2013

The CONGRAD Project Meeting, hosted by University of Montenegro (Montenegro), was attended by 29 representatives from all CONGRAD partner institutions. The main objective of the CONGRAD Workshop “Field Work Retrospective” was to discuss the experiences made during the field work period of the initial graduate survey and the outcomes of the CONGRAD Graduate Survey so far.  The participants took part in the workshop consisting of working group sessions, joint discussions and individual consultations. Alongside the workshop, the fourth meeting of the CONGRAD Steering Committee was held.

The field work period of the CONGRAD Graduate Survey has been successful. In total, more than 13.000 respondents have completed the CONGRAD Questionnaire. During the workshop good practice procedures and measures for improving the given procedures were discussed. Partner institutions consider the applied field work procedures to be highly effective and were following them accordingly. The upcoming project activities include the data cleaning and the data analysis to be carried out by CONGRAD Analytical Unit. Alongside these activities an external evaluation of the CONGRAD Project will be carried out by Mateja Melink and Samo Pavlin (University of Ljubljana).