CONGRAD Project Meeting in Prague

19 Sep 2012 - 22 Sep 2012

The CONGRAD Project Meeting, hosted by Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), was attended by 31 representatives from all CONGRAD partner institutions. The main objective of the CONGRAD Seminar was acquiring a thorough understanding of the potentials of graduate surveys in transition countries. Also, the first draft of the CONGRAD Questionnaire, which has been developed by the CONGRAD Questionnaire Working Group, was presented to all partners and discussed in detail.

The CONGRAD Seminar consisted of keynote speeches, working group sessions and joint discussions. Keynote speeches presented by Martin Zelenka (Charles University in Prague) and Gabriela Angelscu (UEFSICDI, Romania) provided a detailed insight into the results from graduate surveys in Czech Republic and Romania.

Furthermore, the first draft of the CONGRAD Questionnaire was presented and discussed. It has been agreed that the CONGRAD Questionnaire Working Group (CONGRAD Analytical Unit and EU Partners) will develop a Core Questionnaire Draft based on the conclusions from the CONGRAD Project Meeting in Prague. After consultations within the partner institutions and several feedback slopes between the partner institutions and the CONGRAD Questionnaire Working Group, the CONGRAD Questionnaire shall be adopted at the next CONGRAD Steering Committee Meeting in Budva (Montenegro) in November 2012.