CONGRAD Project presentation at University of Mostar | Bosnia and Herzegovina

16 Sep 2014

Prof. Dr. Draško Marinković and Jelena Rožić (both University of Banja Luka), CONGRAD Analytical Unit members Predrag Lazetic and Ivana Zivadinovic (both Centre for Education Policy), as well as Deputy Project Coordinator Jana Nöller (Bielefeld University) were invited to present the CONGRAD Project and key results of the CONGRAD Graduate Survey at University of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The meeting was part of the project’s dissemination scheme at non-partner higher education institutions in the Western Balkans region and aimed at informing the participants about the relevance of graduate surveys for higher education institutions and providing an insight into project-level results. 16 representatives of the University of Mostar attended the meeting and expressed that the institution would be highly interested in participating in potential future graduate surveys.

For more information, please visit also University of Mostar website.