Data Cleaning Trainings in Bielefeld | Germany and in Jyväskylä | Finland

August - September 2013

At the end of September all members of CONGRAD Analytical Unit took part in a two-day training on data cleaning at the Finnish Institute for Higher Education Research (University of Jyväskylä, Finland).  Additionally, selected members of CONGRAD Analytical Unit participated in a two-week individual training visit at Bielefeld University (Germany) earlier in August.

Presentations and discussions covered topics related to coding, data verification, data control and corrections. Special attention was drawn to missing data analysis and weighting. As outcome of the trainings the participants acquired an in-depth knowledge about the processes and procedures relevant for the data cleaning for the CONGRAD Graduate Survey.

The large-scale CONGRAD Graduate Survey provides a complex and comprehensive dataset containing information about the graduates’ educational and professional career in general, and the relationship between their studies and their employment after graduation in particular. The data cleaning shall be completed until the end of the year.