Project Meeting in Bielefeld

15 Apr 2012 - 18 Apr 2012

CONGRAD Group PhotoThe CONGRAD Project Meeting, hosted by Bielefeld University (Germany), was attended by 32 representatives from all CONGRAD partner institutions. The focus of this meeting was to acquire a thorough understanding of the purpose of graduate surveys and the benefits for higher education institutions. The participants took part in the seminar consisting of keynote speeches, working group sessions and joint discussions. Alongside the seminar, the second meeting of the CONGRAD Steering Committee was held.

Two keynote speeches presented by Prof. Ulrich TEICHLER (INCHER-Kassel) and Andrea CONCHADO PÉIRO (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) provided an in-depth view on the purpose of graduate surveys, their potentials and limits and the benefits for higher education institutions. Updating and reporting sessions on the contact data collection and further project activities as well as working group sessions provided an opportunity for joint discussions of the project’s progress. The working group responsible for questionnaire development was set up and will present a first draft of the CONGRAD Questionnaire at the next CONGRAD Project Meeting in Prague (Czech Republic) in September 2012.